Freezer Lamb

Freezer Lamb For Sale

Every fall at Windswept Farms we have freezer lamb available for sale. Shetland lamb is light, lean and flavorful. Shetland lambs have a small carcass size and each lamb usually produces approximately 30 to 40 pounds of meat. Typical cuts from Shetland lamb include two nice leg roasts, loin chops, shoulder steaks, and lamb burger and/or stew meat.

Freezer lambs from Windswept Farms are processed by Geuke's Market in Middleville, Michigan. Geuke's is a USDA inspected facility, and they do an excellent job getting the most out of a small carcass lamb.

Price of the freezer lamb does vary with the lamb market. We then include the processing fees. Buyers can pick their lamb up directly from Geuke's or from our farm. Special arrangements can be made for individual cutting orders.

Reservations for freezer lamb need to be made by September 15 of the year. Lambs are usually taken to the processor in late September or October.

If you are interested in purchasing freezer lamb, please contact Heather at hludlam@wmis.net for the current market price.